Canadian Jones Diary of Jane

(Quick Freeze Film Competition)

Near the end of 2016, we took a small break from commercial production and ventured into the Anchorage film community.  We entered our first short film competition piece with the Quick Freeze Film Competition.  Our task was to write, produce, film, and finish to final a 5 minute short film in about 4 days.  We received our 3 prompts on a Thursday night and had to have the final video completed by Monday night.  Our prompts were: 1) a whip pan camera move 2) a glass of water and 3) break the fourth wall.  All submissions had to have these three elements in the film.  We made all the deadlines and with some help from our friends at Tanalian Aviation (give them a call- they are awesome) we created something never done before at the Quick Freeze Film Competition.  Special thanks to Joel Natwick and Pablo Neira at Tanalian, Mo at O’brady’s Restaurant, our DP Ashton Hurlburt for knocking it out, all the extras and actors that did a fabulous job, and the crew at the Quick Freeze for putting this on!   Enjoy our 9 min Director’s cut!

Poster by Jim Dorondo, yes he’s amazing.

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